Special Issue



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Journal: Water
Section: Wastewater Treatment and Reuse
Special Issue Title: Water Resources Management and Water Pollution Control
Special Issue Editor: Prof. Gordon Huang, Prof. Caterina Valeo
Deadline: October 5, 2022

Leading Editor
Prof. Dr. Gordon Huang | University of Regina, Canada
Interests: Waste management, site remediation, and risk assessment, Simulation and optimization of hydrological and environmental systems, Modeling of energy and environmental management systems, Climate modeling, impact assessment, and adaptation planning

Prof. Dr. Yongping Li  | Beijing Normal University, Beijing, China
Interests: water resources management; energy systems planning; climate modeling and impact analysis; environmental pollution control; risk assessment; decision making under uncertainty

Prof. Dr. Caterina Valeo | University of Victoria, Canada
Interests: Disturbance modelling in forested regions, sustainable urban development of water resources, climate change impacts and analysis using artificial neural networks, pollutant dispersion modelling in rivers and nearshore regions


Dear Colleagues,

Water is the source of life. The fresh water resources available to human beings are limited and threatened by pollution. The increasing demand for agricultural, industrial and urban water supply has led to competition in the allocation of limited freshwater resources. To avoid a water crisis, we must protect water resources, manage water supply and demand, reduce pollution and decrease the environmental impact of a growing population. In view of the serious situation of water pollution at present, we should make efforts to protect our water resources by controlling pollution, reducing water consumption, developing new water sources and so on.

In the Special Issue “Water Resources Management and Water Pollution Control”, you are welcomed to submit original papers dealing with:

Water resources and river basin management;
Ground water management;
Industrial wastewater treatment;
Advanced treatment of water and secondary effluents (membranes, adsorption, ion exchange, oxidation etc);
Reuse of reclaimed waters;
Effect of distribution systems on potable water quality;
Technical aspects of treatment and disposal methods (landfilling, thermal treatment etc)


Keywords: Hydrology, Requirements of reused water, Water quality analysis, Sustainability, Water contaminants, low carbon